Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I came across this pretty awesome video while stumbling. This artist has done so many other things, but this one really got me. The artist's name is Phil Hanson. You might have seen his time laps video of making the portrait of Bruce Lee made only using karate chops. ( But this painting isn't on a canvas or a wall, its on his chest. Phil paints these paintings on his chest, of all the art that has influenced him. It took him 2 days, and honestly looks a bit painful (due to the chemicals in the paint). I got this video off you

Phill's personal website is


Have you heard?

Stumbling is the new thing,
It's free and you get a nifty tool bar so the button is always at your fingertips. (YAY!!)
From the first time i used it I was hooked. I have honestly spent whole nights just clicking on that damn button. I am pretty sure that the new slogan for it should be "just one more then I'll go to bed". There have been many night where I have said that phrase hundreds of times before i actually have gotten up and gone to bed. So this new blog, is completely dedicated to things that i find on stumble, so ENJOY!